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The Process of Working With a Fractional CMO: A Detailed Guide for Professional Services

May 23, 202311 min read

The Process of Working With a Fractional CMO: A Detailed Guide for Law Firms

Welcome to the world of professional services where marketing strategies can sometimes feel like a daunting hamster wheel! If you've been trying to navigate how to grow and scale your revenue, then this guide is here to introduce you to the concept of a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and how they can revolutionize your business operations.

Fractional CMOs offer a unique blend of strategic vision and implementation expertise that can help your business scale its revenue sustainably without burdening you with additional hours of work.

Let's break down what a fractional CMO does, how they work with your business, and how you stand to benefit in the long run.

Prefer to watch a video instead? Click the link below to watch the YouTube video on this topic:

Strategy and Thought Partnership

One of the primary ways a fractional CMO contributes to your business is through its strategic expertise and thought partnership. A fractional CMO starts by comprehensively evaluating your business — everything from main sources of revenue, services offered, the ideal client profile, past successes, and your current lead generation strategies.

Why do we do this? Because we establish a 90-day Strategic Growth Plan every quarter. This allows us to identify the most lucrative growth opportunities for your business based on careful analysis of your ideal clients, their pain points and desires, your services, and your sales and lead generation techniques.

We also focus on the customer journey, looking at every stage to identify where we might be leaving money on the table. An outside perspective is invaluable in this context, bringing a fresh set of eyes to your business that can see beyond the trenches and identify growth opportunities.

Fractional CMOs also offer the benefit of being thought partners for the CEOs they work with. Instead of shouldering the burden of strategizing and planning alone, CEOs can bounce ideas off of the fractional CMO. This partnership takes off a considerable load from the CEO, enabling them to transition into a visionary role which many desire when they're ready to hire a fractional CMO.

Systems and Team Management

A fractional CMO is not just about strategy but also about systems and team management. This means overseeing marketing projects, marketing systems, and team members involved in the marketing department.

With a fractional CMO, you can take a step back from your role as the primary overseer of marketing projects and teams. The CMO can manage full-time and part-time employees, vendors, and subcontractors, ensuring they have the necessary support and meeting project timelines.

A fractional CMO is also an expert in improving tech systems and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the marketing department, ensuring a smooth flow of operations and preventing a chaotic, overwhelming environment.

For instance, a fractional CMO can develop a comprehensive SOP for your long-form marketing content, creating a well-oiled machine that drives revenue without requiring more work from your end. The key takeaway here is that the presence of a fractional CMO frees up the mental load and time for you as a CEO.

Overseeing Data and KPI Tracking

The third crucial way a fractional CMO can benefit your business is by overseeing data and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. KPIs are essentially data points that are crucial when you are looking to scale your business.

A fractional CMO helps in creating a business dashboard – a simple spreadsheet where you track key numbers each week. This data-driven approach informs strategic initiatives for the next 90 days, guiding the business in making informed decisions.

The kind of numbers we look at range from revenue growth and conversion rates to paid traffic numbers and more. This approach helps the business stay grounded in data rather than being swept up in feelings, thereby making sound, informed decisions.

Implementing Strategic Growth Plans

At the core of a fractional CMO’s approach is the development and implementation of strategic growth plans. They work in 90-day cycles, creating a roadmap for your business's growth opportunities. This process involves a deep dive into your business’s current operations, analyzing key aspects such as your primary sources of revenue, product offerings, ideal clientele, past successes, and lead generation methods.

This analytical phase allows the fractional CMO to understand the workings of your business better and build a strategic plan accordingly. In this way, they not only identify potential growth opportunities but also areas where you might be leaving money on the table.

Let's say you run a small tech consultancy firm, and your main sources of revenue are contract-based projects, with the occasional hourly consulting service. A fractional CMO, such as Carrie, might step in and assess all your offers. By doing so, she might discover that clients who started with hourly consulting often moved to larger contract projects.

Using this insight, she would strategize to promote your hourly consulting services more, leading to an increase in bigger contract projects over the 90-day period.

Establishing a Customer Journey

An essential part of the strategic growth plan involves scrutinizing the customer journey. The fractional CMO maps out every interaction your customers have with your business, from the initial point of contact to post-sale support. This exercise allows the CMO to pinpoint areas of improvement, ensure customer satisfaction, and leverage opportunities to maximize profitability.

A home-cleaning services business, for example, might not fully recognize the importance of follow-up communication. Once the job is done, they may not interact with the customer until the next appointment.

A fractional CMO, observing this, would see a potential opportunity to improve customer engagement. She might propose a customer journey that includes follow-up emails asking for feedback, sharing cleaning tips, and offering promotions for booking the next service. These interactions could lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Nurturing Thought Partnership

A significant benefit of having a fractional CMO on board is their ability to serve as a thought partner for CEOs. This relationship provides the CEO with a sounding board to discuss ideas, explore new avenues, and make informed decisions about business growth.

With a fractional CMO in place, the mental load and responsibility of steering the business towards success is shared, freeing the CEO to focus more on their visionary role. Consider a founder of a software development company who's contemplating expansion into new markets but is unsure about the right approach.

Here, a fractional CMO could serve as a valuable thought partner, helping the CEO explore and evaluate options. Together, they might determine that instead of trying to break into a new geographical market, it would be more profitable to develop a new software product for an existing market segment.

Overseeing Marketing Projects and Teams

When it comes to executing marketing strategies, fractional CMOs play an essential role in overseeing marketing projects and teams. They manage a diverse range of tasks, including the coordination of project managers or marketing managers, full-time employees, part-time employees, vendors, and subcontractors. This comprehensive oversight ensures that every element of the marketing strategy is efficiently executed, deadlines are met, and team members are well-supported.

Imagine a scenario where a company is launching a new product. Before hiring a fractional CMO, the CEO was managing all the marketing efforts, from planning to execution. After hiring a fractional CMO, she takes over this role. She coordinates with the graphic design team for the creation of promotional materials, supervises the social media manager for effective online campaigns, and works with the PR team for press releases and media interactions, ensuring the launch goes smoothly and effectively.

Streamlining Systems and Processes

Fractional CMOs bring a strong systems-oriented approach to the table. They review and improve tech systems, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and processes within the marketing department to ensure a smooth, predictable, and sustainable workflow.

This level of organization and systematization can have a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of marketing operations, leading to increased revenue without a corresponding increase in workload.

For a clothing e-commerce business, managing their social media content may have been erratic and stressful. With a fractional CMO on board, they would assess the situation and propose a systematic approach.

For instance, she might establish a content calendar, indicating what content is to be posted when, and on which platform. She may also create a standard operating procedure for creating, approving, and scheduling posts, turning a once chaotic process into a well-oiled, stress-free system.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

One of the key roles of a fractional CMO is to track data and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive decision-making. They ensure that your business is focused on the right numbers and that all decisions are backed by relevant, accurate data. This data-driven approach aids in making informed business decisions, taking the guesswork out of strategy formation and implementation.

Suppose an online education platform is considering introducing a new course but isn't sure about the demand. A fractional CMO could look at the data — website analytics, email open rates, course completion rates, and more — to help make an informed decision. If the data suggests a high engagement with blog posts and emails about topics related to the proposed course, this would indicate strong interest and potential demand among the platform's users.


In today's dynamic and complex business environment, the value of an experienced CMO cannot be overstated. However, not all businesses can afford a full-time CMO, and that's where a fractional CMO comes in. These individuals bring in their vast experience and expertise to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives without the expense of a full-time position.

From implementing strategic growth plans to streamlining processes and making data-driven decisions, the benefits are enormous. They play a crucial role in establishing a customer journey, nurturing thought partnerships, and overseeing marketing projects and teams.

Looking at the examples mentioned, it's clear that a fractional CMO can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's marketing strategy. They provide not only the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that startups and SMEs need but also the leadership and strategic thinking crucial for business growth.

Whether your company is at an early stage looking for growth strategies, or a mature company aiming for a fresh perspective on marketing efforts, considering a fractional CMO could be the catalyst that sparks the next phase of your business journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does working with a Fractional CMO mean?

Working with a Fractional CMO involves hiring a seasoned marketing executive on a part-time basis to assist with strategic marketing decisions, optimizing business operations, overseeing data and KPI tracking, and managing the marketing team and projects. This gives businesses access to high-level marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.

How can a Fractional CMO help my business?

A Fractional CMO brings an outside perspective to your business, identifying growth opportunities, optimizing your customer journey, improving systems and processes, and managing marketing projects. They can help create strategic growth plans, alleviate the mental load on CEOs, improve systems and team management, and ensure data-driven decisions.

What is the first step a Fractional CMO takes when working with a business?

The first step usually involves an in-depth analysis of the business's current state. This includes examining the main sources of revenue, understanding the ideal client, analyzing past successes and failures, and reviewing lead generation strategies. From these insights, a 90-day Strategic Growth Plan is formulated.

How does a Fractional CMO help with strategy?

A Fractional CMO becomes a thought partner for CEOs, helping them strategize, plan and implement their marketing efforts. This not only lightens the mental load for CEOs but also provides them with an opportunity to bounce ideas off a seasoned marketing professional.

How does a Fractional CMO manage systems and teams?

A Fractional CMO oversees marketing projects and team members involved in the marketing department. They ensure the team has what they need to meet deadlines, improve marketing systems, create SOPs for better flow within the marketing department, and create a more predictable and sustainable business environment.

What does KPI tracking mean in the context of a Fractional CMO's role?

KPI or Key Performance Indicator tracking refers to the process of monitoring specific metrics that indicate the performance of various aspects of the business. A Fractional CMO helps determine the right KPIs to track, which inform strategic initiatives and decisions and supports growth plans.

How can I start scaling my business revenue in a sustainable way?

Starting with a free workshop like "Simplified to Scale" could be a great beginning. This workshop focuses on strategies for scaling your business revenue sustainably. To move away from being overwhelmed and start managing your business more efficiently, it's advisable to seek expert guidance, such as that offered by a fractional CMO.

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